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School Visits

Invite Jordan Sonnenblick to your school for an in-person or virtual visit, and share in the joy and inspiration that have captivated over 500,000 students (and their teachers, administrators, school staff, and parents) so far!

Jordan loves to talk with audiences about the tremendous positive impact the written word has made upon his life, and how he basically owes everything he has to the love of books and reading. Starting with the alarming tale of how his budding attention-deficit issues nearly made him forget to flee a fire that broke out in his preschool, he will reach even your most difficult students — who will undoubtedly see something of their own stories in his school escapades. Of course, he will discuss tips and tricks for writing — but the larger message is about living a life of using one’s deepest gifts with a sense of kindness and social responsibility.

View Jordan’s school visit brochure and author visit kit, or invite Jordan to your school.

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