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Jordan Sonnenblick

I write books about kids and teenagers, and if you like the books, I also do author visits to elementary and middle schools.


Please feel free to "click around" and explore the various and sundry areas of this site. Then if you have any suggestions for making the site better, more user-friendly, more — I don’t know — “minty fresh,” or “peachy keen,” or “beastly,” or something, you can just click on the “Contact” tab above to get in touch with me.




Oh, and on a random note: be nice to your parents. They’re really trying, you know?


The Boy Who Failed Show and Tell

Release Date: February 1, 2021

In a typical school year, every kid has one or two things go wrong. But for Jordan, there's A LOT going wrong ALL THE TIME.

By keeping his cool (some of the time), banging on the drums (a lot), and keeping his sense of humor (all the time), Jordan's going to try to make it through the year . . . and grow up to write a book about it!

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