Pub Date!

Hi all –

The publication date of Dodger for President has finally arrived!  Well, OK, it actually arrived three days ago — but I’ve been working really hard on writing the third and final Dodger book, so I haven’t been keeping much track of time.
Anyway, don’t you just love this cover?  I do …

Dodger for President (Dodger and Me) Cover

Aside from the writing and book-releasing, my other major activity for the summer is exercise.  My darling bride just got me a really nice Trek road bike for my birthday, so if you see a maniac with a beard and glasses bombing through the streets of Bethlehem on a 27-speed, please try not to run him over.  He might be an author you know!

2 Responses to “Pub Date!”

  1. lizzy says:

    Uhmm I’m not commenting on this book but, I love your book drums,girls, and dangoures pie it really inspired me I love that book I have read it so many times and I just have to say thank you for writing that book you are truely inspiring.

  2. kenneth karst says:

    hey ithink you should write a second book of drums also we have the same taste in music and you are coming to my school on the 21st of october and you are the best writer you should keep it up

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