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I’m going to try to keep everyone updated with frequent blog posts.

For those of you who are techies, use your RSS reader to subscribe to my blog. I recommend Google Reader, but any ol’ RSS reader will do.

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  1. I first met Jordan when he came to teach at Crockett Elementary School in Houston, Texas.
    We have missed him and his excellent teaching abilities from the day he left many years ago.
    We are pleased to see that he is successful and hope someday to visit Bethlehem, PA to see him and his beautiful family. I will never forget how he took a young student under his arms and guided him during and after school. He even took him to the George Observatory not far from Houston. That young man’s name was Jamal. I heard is doing well. Jordan could write another book based upon his experiences with Jamal.

  2. nicholas says:

    Hi Mister Jordan
    I am a belgium boy and we most do for dutch (a leson by ous) spaeking about a book and i ve got read your book americain girls and dangerous pie .Please can you give ous information about that book and about your own .
    thanks nicholas

  3. Kayla Thompson says:

    Hello Jordan Sonnenblick! I am a big fan of your books. Remember when you skyped with Red Bud, Illiois? Well I was in that crowd. That was really exciting to actually see and and ask you questions. I have a couple more questions to ask you so if you could email me back I would gladly ask you them and hopefully recieve some answers. Thanks a lot!!!

    Your friend,
    Kayla =]

  4. Melissa J. says:

    Hello, Mr. Sonnenblick.
    I am a writer on a mission. I am deeply curious to your o’ so wonderful writing ways. If you could pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top send an email back to me, I would be forever grateful! And if you don’t reply soon, I will hunt you down. And that is a promise. 🙂

    Your faithful reader,

  5. Patrick Hillhouse says:

    Hi i loved your books i could read them over and over again till im 80 Pleas write more awesome books!!!!!!!!

  6. Mackenzie says:

    Hello, Mr. Sonnenblick. I have read every one of your books except After Ever After. I can’t wait to read it and I hope to buy it tomorrow. I just wanted to say that I am a big fan! When one of my friends gave Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie to me as a birthday present I made a noise that sounded like a small mouse when it sees a big wedge of cheese on a shiny metal mouse trap. When I finished reading it I noticed that my cheeks were wet, I had been crying and had not even known it. This book made me think about my little brother and how this horrible disease can ruin you’re whole life. I don’t know how my mom would pay for the medical bills if anyone of us became sick because she’s a single mother so there is not alot of income. Anyway, I also love the humour in your books. I chuckled everytime there was a bit of sarcasm or a pun! I also fell in love with the stories and the characters. Emily and Soloman were my favorite characters I Guess I related to them somehow. Well, I just wanted to say this and tell you how much I adore your books! -Mackenzie

  7. Hayley says:

    Hi Mr. Sonnenblick

    You met me when you came to Jared Eliot Middle School in Clinton, CT. I was the one with the fake eye.

    You are a really really really great writer! I really want ‘After Ever After’ for my birthday (May 12th!) because I LOVED ‘Drums’. When are you going to write more?? Or are writing as I write this??


  8. Brianna says:

    Hi. remember when you came to Millburn central school? when you talked to us you were soooo funny. usually adults have no sense of humor but you do. And i gotta know. where’d you learn to be so funny? please email me back! it means alot to me.

  9. Jordan was part of a writing grant in our school district in October 2010 to help kick off Nanowrimo month. He inspired over 100 kids to successfully meet their goals of writing first novels!!!! And the kids are begging to get started again this year!!

    I just read an early copy of Curveball! Sonnenblick fans are not going to be disappointed! Whether you love baseball or not, you are going to love the curveballs that are thrown in the life of the main character!! I think this is my favorite Sonnenblick book to date!!

  10. Rebecca says:

    To Mr. Sonnenblick,
    hi, i just wanted to tell you how much i love ur books. I especially like Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie. 2 yrs ago, when i was in 9th grade, my older sister was diagnosed with cancer. One night that year, i was in the library and picked up your book, not knowing what it was about at all. Then i read it, and couldnt put it down. When Steven cried, i cried, not just for him but for me to. My situation was obviously a little different from Stevens, seeing as it was his younger brother and this was my 2 yrs older than me sister, but there was so many times in the book where i related to it. i love reading it, because while it makes me cry every time, it also makes me laugh. Thank G-D, my sister is now in remission and doing great. Im sorry that it took me so long to write, but i wanted to tell you how much i appreciate you writing a book that i could connect to so much. Thank You.

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