Small world …

I should be blogging about the forthcoming release of the third and final DODGER book, Dodger for Sale.  I am really psyched about this one, partly because it’s dedicated to my two beloved godchildren, and partly because it has environmentalism themes that are very important to me.  Plus, I just think it’s really funny.  School Library Journal agrees (warning – you have to scroll way down to find the review):

BUT I have to write about something else, because this is just too weird.

See that (excellent and well-reviewed) book called Shade, by Jeri Smith-Ready?  See how it’s shelved right near several of mine?  Well, Jeri and I studied abroad at King’s College London   together 20 years ago, and both went on to be published authors.  We hadn’t seen each other in a couple of decades, and neither of us had any idea that the other even wanted to be a writer, until we met up randomly at Book Expo America two years ago.  Now our books will be neighbors forever.  Kind’a cool!

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  1. I no longer believe in coincidences . . . well, not too much. I do believe in unexpected connections and now I’m beginning to “expect” them. I loved your post about Shade and your book on the same shelf.

    Congratulations on the School Library Journal acclaim.

  2. Marianne Follis says:

    Hey Jordan –

    1) Congrats on the new book and review. You are a machine!
    2) I so struggle with the idea of coincidence. If you don’t believe in it, what do you believe in; that things are preordained? Or is it some sort of common interest where like attracts like? Maybe it is influence and one of you inadvertently influenced the other?

    Well, that’s it for my heavy thinking this morning.

    Have a great day…and now for more coffee.

  3. Marianne Follis says:


    I always wonder what it would be an author and have a last name like Hemmings. I would hate to have to be shelved next to HIM.


  4. admin says:

    Yeah, BUT maybe people would stumble upon your books that otherwise might never have known about you …

    I’ve had a few laughs with Sonya Sones about this, because she and I are shelfmates forever …

  5. Neighbors forever, except at those (increasingly common) bookstores that shelve the YA paranormal apart from the YA normals. (Not that I would ever accuse you of being normal. 😉

    Thanks for the mention, Jordan,and congrats on the SLJ review and the upcoming release!

  6. Jordi says:

    Hey- waiting for my ipod to get fixed- maybe. SOme punk kid knocked into a creek on a hike (not my kid).

    As, ahem, an expert on small world networks, I can tell you that the randomness of this is not that you knew each other- in fact, your comparable social positions that led to your abroad program probably also put you both “at risk” to become writers. What is totally random is being shelved together!

    Will you go on a Spanish book tour next year?? Hint hint

  7. Chris(Christina) says:

    Hey, Jordan–
    I am an elemantary school student and I just finished your book(After Ever After) yesterday. I loved it to pieces, and I almost cried when Tad passed away. I feel like it needs more, like it isn’t finished. I love your books and hope you continue writing about the Alper Family. 🙂

  8. Clare says:

    That IS cool! Man, I would love to share my own stories with the world someday…not yet, of course. They need a little oxygen before they’re ready to be thrown out into deep water.

    And, anyway, I think you’re awesome and I love your books, because every single one I read, I laugh my head off and get angry looks from my mom and sisters who are waiting for me to just get done with it so they can read it 🙂

  9. Maria says:

    Is there future plans of spanish versions of your books?
    I would love for my students in Ecuador to read your books.

  10. jsonnenblick says:

    Unfortunately, not that I know of. Please feel free to contact the publishers of the books in which you are interested, and request Spanish versions. It’s much more effective if they hear from real readers than if I ask them! 🙂

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