_Notes_ reviews are here, and a video cameo with Muhammad Ali

Holy moley! _Notes from the Midnight Driver_ has received starred reviews in the following publications: Booklist, Horn Book, Kliatt, and Publishers Weekly. PW also ran a really nice interview with me.

Also, my best friend from high school called the other day to tell me that Muhammad Ali’s wife held up a copy of _Drums_ on national TV: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/11/22/eveningnews/main2207050.shtml

She was being interviewed by Katie Couric about a new literacy initiative that she and her husband are sponsoring with Scholastic, and — BAM! — she held _Drums_ up in a close-up shot. The other book she brandished about during the interview was the excellent _Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time_, by my friend Lisa Yee (www.lisayee.com), so I was in good company.

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